Tuesday, December 31st - 5:00pm - 1:00am

Blue Hawaii

New Year's Eve Dinner

TRIP DETAILS - Tuesday, December 31st - 5pm-1pm for dinner, drinks and ringing in the New Year!

WHAT TO EXPECT Your dinner reservation comes complete with a menu of tiki & tropical cocktails, Island favorite dishes, Don's Specialties, and plenty of Elvis & vintage surf rock. All guests will receive complimentary bubbles to toast at midnight.

MIDNIGHT COUNTDOWN - Reservations made after 9:00pm will be able to keep their table through the Midnight Countdown. Other guests are welcome to visit the bar and the Tiki Hut aka. Naughty Angel, for cocktails to ring in the new year.

Welcome Air Hawaii Passengers, this is your Captain speaking.

A Few notes for your trip to Sunny Hawaii!

WEATHER — Predominantly sunny (inside). Very cool trade winds (outside) — Coat Check available!

WHAT TO WEAR — Embrace the 50s/60s Hawaii and we're bound to have a great evening. Formal dress, although not essential, is worn in leading hotels. Tropical attire also welcome! 

HAWAII IS AMERICAN SOIL — It uses the same currency and same postal rates as the mainland. Guests need no passport and pay no customs on goods brought to or from the mainland.