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Don Gersonde

Don Gersonde, grandfather of SED partner Aaron Gersonde, was a World War II veteran, Milwaukee Police Captain, and diner guy. During the war he was a navigator for the Naughty Angel (757th Bomb Squadron) which earned a reputation for a little misbehavin’ and a lot of guts. We follow suit by cooking the food we want to eat, and putting booze in our milkshakes. Don’s story is our story, so bring a friend, share a drink and become part of the story.

Don Gersonde

Grocery & Liquor

Back in the “before times,” Don’s Diner in Walker’s Point brought you the absolutely crazy/awesome 10¢ Martini Lunch special, briefly turned into a Stranger Things-inspired ice cream parlor, and served gigantic old fashioneds in a legitimate Crock-Pot. Even though times have changed significantly these past few months, Don’s is still doing weird shit with wonderful results.

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As described by the dope folks at MILWAUKEE RECORD - 

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