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Who's Ready?

Saturday of May the 9th


This is for you Milwaukee. Something thrilling to enjoy 


Juleps, horse races, cocktail games, & friendly charitable wagers.


Date: Saturday, May 9th

Race Time: 4:00 pm CST

Kit Pick-Up: Fridays 


All Online, make your choice of FB Live, Instagram Live or YOUTUBE

Kits Pick-Up at Don's

1100 S. 1st Street

It's a party

Milwaukee, welcome to the "most boozy 30 minutes in sports" where anything can happen. What we do know: "horses" will race, juleps will be drunk, announcers... will be drunk, & prizes will be WON! So get it on the insanity and join our Virtual derby day extravaganza.

Live "Horse" Races

That's right, live races with our stable of world class plastic racing horses. Card game, with some sipping involved as they make the mad dash around Churchill Dons. Winners receive prizes and the "Grand Prance" includes a 50/50 raffle with cash wagers.

 Join Your Hosts as they teach you to mix a cocktail before each race! 

Derby Kits

Derby Kits Includes:

- “Racing Horse” to win prizes for each race.

- 1 Woodford Julep Cup

- Three 50ml of Woodford Reserve Bourbon (makes 3 cocktails)

- 3 types of Julep syrups 

- Mint for Garnish 

- Bag of Ice

- Salty Snacks to help soak up the booze

Links to FB Live, IG Live and youtube channel to tune in.

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You have to ask yourself,

are you down to get derby?

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About churchill dons

Our State of the Art racetrack is custom built for the derby. Equipped with lanes for six molded Thoroughbreds to race for all the glory.


The finest minds came together with the help of the finest whiskey to bring you Churchill Dons

How it will work...we think

- 6 horses on sticks will face off in each race 

- Each horse will have assigned playing cards to propel that horse forward 

-We will draw cards from two full decks one at a time. The corresponding horse will move forward - or it will prompt a drink of julep!

- The first horse to Draw 9 assigned cards will speed across the finish and be crowned champion of that race. 

50/50 Raffle Bets

This wager will count only for the final race.

- One winner will take half of the pot of all bets.

- The remaining half goes towards community meals for those in need!

This is a 21+ audience event

All participants are reminded to enjoy responsibly

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